System Test

Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. (BEST) courses include many outstanding features to enhance your learning experience, such as dynamic customer notes, animated avatars with audio tips, and precise progress tracking. Consequently, you will need to satisfy the technical requirements below in order to fully enjoy your learning experience.

  • Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 7+ on the PC is required.
    • Firefox 2+ on the PC generally works, but is not guaranteed.
    • Firefox on the Mac is not supported.
    • Chrome 20+.
    • Safari 5+ on the Mac generally works, but is not guaranteed.
    • Safari on the iPad is not supported.
    • Browsers on smart phones are not supported.
  • Internet Connections
    • A broadband connection is required.
    • Dialup connections may cause problems.
    • Poor or slow wireless connections, 3G connections, or satellite connections (e.g. Hughes Satellite) may cause problems.
    • ADSL connections with slow upload speeds may cause problems.
  • Security and Page Monitoring Packages
    • Security and page monitoring packages that do pre-fetching or post-fetching may cause problems. This specifically includes Covenant Eyes and some versions of Trend Micro. These can be disabled by adding to the appropriate “allow” lists.
    • Security packages that dynamically inject javascript into pages as an anti-popup measure must be turned off. This specifically includes some versions of Norton/Symantec.
  • Viruses on Users’ PCs
    • Viruses on infected users’ PCs that do pre-fetching or post-fetching may cause problems and are not the responsibility of Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc.

Test Result Requirement You Required for...
Pass MSIE 7+, Firefox 2+,
Safari 5+, Chrome 20+
MSIE 11 ...viewing the website correctly.
Enabled ...interacting with the website.
Enabled ...remaining signed in.
1024x768 or higher ...viewing the entire website in the browser window without scrolling.
Enabled ...opening some lessons and help boxes.

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