In accordance with recently adopted changes to South Carolina Code of Regulations 69.50 VI. (D), all Continuing Education (CE) providers or instructors are required to provide a copy of this reminder notice to each attendee of a classroom course. The Regulation also requires all correspondence course providers to include this notice in all continuing education course material (12 pt. Font Bold). Note: course providers must maintain in their records for at least three years certification that a copy of this notice was distributed to each producer subscribing to their respective course.

  • Effective May 27, 2022, producers may now apply for CE exemption if you are 65 years of age or older AND have 25 or more years of licensure. The online application is available on our website on the CE page.
  • Effective January 1, 2017, a valid personal and/or business email address is required by law. Please visit NIPR ( to update your email address. The Department will no longer be mailing hard copy renewal notices to licensees.
  • Effective January 2011, the deadline for biennially complying with continuing education and license renewal is the last day of the producer’s month of birth. Producers born in an odd numbered year must comply by the last day of the birth month in an odd numbered year. Producers born in an even numbered year must comply by the last day of the birth month in an even numbered year.
  • The CE hours must be completed prior to renewing the license on NIPR. You should allow at minimum 72 hours for your CE status to be updated before you will be able to renew your license. If you wait until the last day of your birth month to complete your CE, you will not be able to renew on time and will incur a late renewal penalty.
  • Producers must complete 24 hours of continuing education including a minimum of 3 hours of Ethics by the deadline before they can renew the license online at NIPR (
  • Multi-line (property and casualty and life, accident and health) producers must complete 24 hours of CE credits. A minimum of 8 credit hours must be completed in each line of authority and a minimum of 3 credit hours of Ethics.
  • Producers with reduced compliance requirements (15 hours) must complete 12 hours in the line of authority held and 3hours of Ethics. Multi-line producers with reduced compliance requirements(15 hours) must complete 6 hours in each line of authority and 3 hours of ethics. Failure to comply by the last day of the producer’s birth month will result in the license being expired. The law allowing reduced CE compliance was repealed January 1, 2010. This Section applies only to those producers who were granted a reduced CE compliance prior to January 1, 2010.
  • Up to 18 CE hours in excess of the CE compliance period may be carried over and applied to the next compliance period; Ethics hours will not carryover.
  • An individual who arrives after the start of a CE class or leaves before the classis over will not receive credit for the continuing education classroom session, regardless of the number of hours completed during the class session. Instructors may deny credit to anyone who is inattentive (reading the newspaper, talking, texting, using cell phone, etc.).

All licensed resident insurance producers should first check the approved continuing education course list on SBS’s website ( before taking a CE course. Courses taken from an unapproved sponsor or instructor will be declined.

Licensed insurance producers can check their continuing education status by going to SBS’s website,

06/29/2022                                                            Form 3617


Please note: This form should be faxed, mailed or electronically submitted to the sponsor/vendor. The sponsor/vendor must keep a copy of this affidavit with a copy of the exam for three (3) years after the exam was completed.

Section I To be completed by Proctor

I certify under the penalty of perjury that I have verified the identification (including a photo ID and producer license number) of the said producer named below. The producer completed the examination independently and without the assistance of any course materials, other source materials, advance review of the examination or from any persons. I certify that the exam answer sheet and all scratch paper given to the examinee were returned and no copy of the examination(s) was/were made by the examinee. I also certify that I mailed/delivered the answer sheet and all other required materials to the vendor within two business days of the exam date. I hereby certify that I have not made or retained copies of any examination or work papers for further distribution.

Further, I certify that I am a Disinterested Third Party and not someone who is: (A) a minor; (B) a relative of the producer; (C) an immediate supervisor/manager of the producer, or (D) a person with an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination.

NOTE: Employment by the same company or working for the same employer does not mean a person has ‘an economic or other direct interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination.’ For example: a co-employee or co-worker of the producer taking the competency examinations may administer the examination so long as the other requirements of this subparagraph are met and such co-employee or co-worker does not work on a regular basis with the producer in marketing or sales capacity the examinee is not related.

Proctor’s Printed Name: 

Proctor’s Business Mailing Address:  

Day Time Phone Number:  

Signature of Proctor:  

Section IITo be completed by Examinee

I certify under the penalty of perjury that I took the examination(s) independently and without the assistance of any course materials, other source material, advance review of the examination(s), or from any persons. I did immediately (Within 24 Hours), upon completion of the examination(s) return the exam, this monitor affidavit, and answer sheet and all scratch paper to BROKER EDUCATONAL SALES & TRAINING, INC. 7137 Congress St. New Port Richey, FL 34653


No copy of the examination(s) was/were made.

Proctor’s Printed Name: 

Date Exam Taken:          Course Title 

Examinee’s Printed Name: 

Examinee’s Signature: 

Examinee’s License Number: 


Section IIITo be completed by Examinee

If you participated in a classroom review session, please answer the following questions:

      I did         I did not participate in a classroom review session.
If so, provide course number   .

Name of the individual who conducted my review session:  
Date/time/location of review session: 

Length of review session:  

Did you receive your course material at least seven (7) days in advance of the review session? 
If no, when did you receive the course material? 

Before clicking Submit below
 Affidavit must be filled out completely for credit.
 Any missing information will delay credit to examinee.

If you are printing this affidavit to send to Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. then send to:
Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc.
7137 Congress Street
New Port Richey, FL 34653
or fax to: 727-372-7585
or email to:

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