Insurance Continuing Education (CE)

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Virginia State Requirements

Continuing Education Hours

  • Agents that hold one license need to complete 16 hours biennially including 3 hours ethics.
  • Agents that hold two or more licenses need to complete 24 hours biennially including 3 hours ethics.

License Renewal

  • License renewal date is November 30th on even-numbered years.

Courses accepted for CE Credit

  • Classroom Courses
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Online Courses

Courses Subject Requirements

  • Three (3) hours of Ethics. Insurance Laws and regulations courses may apply to ethics. OGI courses will not apply to ethics.
  • Agents who need 16 credit hours - All hours must be relevant to license type.
  • Agents who need 24 credit hours - At least 8 hours must be specific to each license type.

Annuity Requirement

  • There is no annuity requirement at this time.

Long Term Care Requirement

  • Initial eight (8) hours of Long-Term Care.
  • Four (4) hours of LTC every compliance period thereafter.
    • Non-residents must take two (2) hours of Virginia Medicaid Training.

Carryover Requirements

  • Credit hours cannot be carried over to the next compliance period.

Course Repetition

  • Credit will not be given for course that is repeated within a compliance period.

Final Exam

  • Online self-study exams no longer require a proctor but they do require a student certification form, which acknowledges that the student swears and affirms: they have not used outside assistance including course material, other source material or assistance from any person(s) and that they were engaged in the course for at least an amount of time equal to the credits prior to taking the exam.
  • Correspondence self–study exams: the proctor must be a disinterested party over the age of 18 years and unrelated to the student. The Proctor’s Certification must be completed by the proctor and submitted to the course provider by mail, email or, facsimile transmission within seven calendar days of course completion.


  • Producers licensed less than two (2) years at the time of the first renewal.
  • Non-residents exempt if home state requires CE and they are in good standing in their state of residence.
  • Limited lines.

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