Retirement Planning

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Course Description:

This course has been developed to give the advisor (licensed agent) a complete guide in the retirement planning process. The course will focus on the five step retirement planning process and examine the various risk factors needed to be considered when developing a retirement plan for your client. It will examine the various sources of retirement income based on the three-legged stool (Social Security, Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans, Savings and IRAs) and introduce a fourth leg to the stool consisting of insurance products and working in retirement.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Apply the five steps in the retirement planning process
  • Identify the various risk factors and income sources in retirement planning
  • Know the strategies to maximize social security benefits
  • Describe the various types of qualified retirement plans available through an employer
  • Distinguish between traditional and Roth IRAs and when (and how) they can be properly employed to accumulate retirement funds
  • Outline the rules for qualified plans and IRA rollovers, early and required retirement plan distributions (and the associated penalties for noncompliance)
  • Present the importance of planning for rising health care costs in retirement
  • Discuss the various parts of Medicare, what it covers and does not cover
  • Describe the triple tax-advantages of a Health Savings Account
  • Introduce the need for LTC planning in retirement and the role of LTCI policies and Hybrid policies
  • Describe how a Reverse Mortgage can be used as a supplemental income source

CFP Credit Hours: 10

Course Details

Credit Hours





Last Updated:  January 2020
Provider:  Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc.
Provider Number:  2155
Study Level:  Intermediate
License Type:  General Financial Planning Principles
Prerequisite:  Must read content before taking final exam
Monitor Required:  No
Number of Questions:  50
Passing Requirements:  70%
Retakes:  Unlimited