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Compliance Requirements:

View Minnesota State Insurance CE Requirements.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Insurance.

Reporting Schedule:

Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. reports CE credits at the end of each business day.

Exam Requirements:

Online exams available only to Minnesota resident agents. No monitor required for online exam.


System Requirements

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Special Reading

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Chapter 45, Section 45.306, Subd. 2:
An interactive Internet continuing education course must:

(3) include technology to guarantee seat time; (* See clarification below.)

(16) provide questions after each unit or chapter that must be answered before the student can proceed to the next unit or chapter;

This course has been designed to follow a time allocated outline. You will be unable to move forward until that time has passed and you have taken the Chapter Review questions.

Go Here for an explanation of how this course is setup.

*45.306 Subd2.(3) While seat time is a definite requirement and the provider must include technology to guarantee it, this does not mean that to accomplish it, a licensee should be sitting in front of a computer waiting for X number of hours to pass. The course itself must contain the right amount of interactive instruction content to take the same X number of hours, or more, as requested by the provider. If a provider is asking for 2 hours of credit, that course must take a licensee 2 hours, or more, of interactive learning to complete. This also means that the course must have the technology to time out automatically log out) if a licensee leaves the computer inactive for more than ten minutes so that they cannot log in and then walk away from the computer for the 2 hours and receive credit.

General Courses
Credit Hours
Guide to Retirement Planning Strategies

Updated:  February 2020
Advisors Guide to Medicare and Medicaid

Updated:  February 2020
Ethics For The Insurance Producer

Updated:  February 2020
Estate Planning

Updated:  February 2020
Retirement Planning

Updated:  February 2020
The Advisors Guide To 401(k) Plans

Updated:  February 2020
The Advisors Guide to IRAs

Updated:  February 2020